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Warhammer: Arcane Magic


Жанр: Стратегии

Платформы: РС

Разработчик: Turbo Tape Games

Издатель: Turbo Tape Games

Дата выхода: 3 мар. 2016 http://store.steampowered.com/app/440330/W...r_Arcane_Magic/








Warhammer: Arcane Magic is a turn-based tactical digital boardgame that will challenge even the most veteran gamers. Made by the independent Norwegian developer "Turbo Tape Games", our game development history has roots from the very beginning of PC gaming.

Arcane Magic is set in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles world, and will see you journey through legendary Warhammer locations as you assemble wizards, spells and artefacts. You have a maximum of three wizards you can bring into play, and for each of these you decide which spells and scrolls to bring based on their school of magic. Each campaign consists of eight levels, and each campaign rewards you with a new wizard. Two campaigns are included with the base game. Measure your Power carefully as you select which spells to cast as you aim to optimize your round. Arcane Fulcrums are vital sources of magic found on every level that both restore and increase your Power. Consider how the winds of magic affect your spells and choose carefully what action to take as the enemy is relentless. Through your journeys you will come upon treasures of old, even the most sought after Golden Plunder Packs which contain ancient artefacts that allow you to bind scrolls of any school of magic into them, allowing you timeless control over their raw energies. Collect and manage your critical pool of Warpstones and Gold as you progress deeper into even more challenging realms.

The game also features an optional DLC called Jungles of Lustria which offers a campaign of more challenging content and even better rewards, including a new wizard, the Slann Mage-Priest, upon completion! There is also optional in-app purchases for new wizards, gold and Golden Plunder Packs (the rarest treasure, which also drops in-game).


Originally debuted on iOS to critical acclaim, Arcane Magic has undergone several game iterations and is now ready for Windows PC and Mac exclusively on Steam! In comparison to its mobile origin, the PC/MAC version comes with steam integration, greatly improved graphics - including high resolution textures and noticeably enhanced shaders - better control systems and also comes bundled with a Golden Plunder Pack which sees you start off with a powerful magical artefact.

The Deluxe Package includes not only the core game, the additional campaign Jungles of Lustria and all four additional wizards, it also disables the ability for any in-game purchase of gold and plunder packs. The four included named wizards (Balthasar Gelt, Wurrzag, Tetto'eko and Teclis) unlock for play as you defeat them in the storyline, ensuring that the difficulty and fun-factor of the game is maintained. The Deluxe Package represents more than 50% savings compared to individual purchases!

Перевод игры: http://notabenoid.org/book/70098

Прогресс перевода: 366.png

Текстуры для художника:

Игровой текст отдельно для перевода: https://mega.nz/#!9eJw0SjB!mIZdsrGX...TZ7kYI0BzRgVItA



В оригинальные шрифты http://dropmefiles.com/7HGsd надо добавить кириллицу

Изменено пользователем makc_ar
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Пока переводил игру убрали из Steam. Объяснений от разработчиков или Valve не нашёл.


Играть можно, если она уже куплена.

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Шрифты к игре есть?

Можно мне тестовую версию, пока у меня нет возможности добить текст? Я пока ошибки/опечатки поищу с другом напару.

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Связался с разработчиками.

Скрытый текст

Hello, thanks for contacting us! This game is discontinued, we don't support or maintain it anymore. It's still active for previous buyers.


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17 часов назад, makc_ar сказал:

У меня в папке с игрой нет таких файлов.

Что сделать с файлами из этого архива?

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В 14.06.2018 в 04:51, FoxyLittleThing сказал:

Связался с разработчиками.

  По поводу закрытия игры в Steam. (Показать содержимое)

Hello, thanks for contacting us! This game is discontinued, we don't support or maintain it anymore. It's still active for previous buyers.


Вот ещё что они мне ответили.

Скрытый текст

Hello, unfortunately, our publisher, Games Workshop, decided to discontinue the game. We are not aware of any plans to bring it back to the Steam store.


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Русификатор для теста https://www19.zippyshare.com/v/xbpD6gnN/file.html (распаковать в корень игры, а потом запустить RU.bat).

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