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Sorry to bother You all, but I want to ask something about localization files for Borderlands Pre Sequel.

Localization folder for INT language have 110 files with text, but other folders (like JAP or RUS) have more, about 850 files with more text, so INT loc are missing a lot of text. I think this is because INT text are generated from other place in *.upk files, but from which files exactly?

I searched .upk files but didn’t find text/subtitles files.
Example: Digsite_Audio.upk have GD_Cork_DialogEpisode8 folder with DialogGroups_Episode8.GearboxDialogGroup. Do I need to convert this kind of files somehow? Or do I need to search in other places?

I’m just searching for these files in INT version, so I can translate B:PS to my native languge.

Please, please, help me.

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