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  1. The engine used is Vicious engine, the files containing the localization are .loc, the audio files are .mus.
  2. I would like to change the language of the PC version of the game, which is only in English, to the files of the pal ps2 version. The problem is that the files are not compatible, even though they have the same name and extension. Can anyone help me with this? https://mega.nz/file/qlQygArQ#XkYDwW3bff1Tw2UpmOdFAbCWFb61Ykk6p0_GfuplmY4
  3. Thank you so much!!! It all works!!! I've been meaning to upload the videos to pcgamingwiki, can I put your name in the credits?
  4. https://mega.nz/file/69pUGCKC#A6IsrF0029PkqubeuIPvbsguL8Oz8kJogOqrr2ewtN4
  5. It works! Thank you! what do I need to do to get the same result with the other .sfd files?
  6. It does not work, I had already tried, within the game starts the English audio.
  7. Italian, but the .sfd files are 27 in total + the intro
  8. Thanks, but my problem is that I have to extract all the files contained in the .sfd files, rename the internal files and reinsert them into the .sfd. Could you give me a tool to do this?
  9. The gamecube version released in English only, actually contains all the languages. By changing a string I was able to select the one I needed, but the videos remained in English. With a program I discovered that inside the .sfd files, there are all the audio files of the other languages. I would need a tool that would allow me to rename the files within the .sfd files. https://mega.nz/file/u4hTXAKJ#LqYRA0ukQF0g0rE4Q7yyq3jf40PJ5hTIa1S-NupQriI
  10. Hi, can someone create a translation tool for this game?
  11. Can anyone help me open the .lvl and .ptr files of the game? The Pc version has an online mode that doesn't work. To host with hamachi I have to use forcebindip and cheat engine to force the ip address, but the client never finds the host. I wanted to see if inside the files i can put my ip address. https://mega.nz/file/So5DRSoa#wqJ8P6Rpnhg8Po6go0X6dur0DslxBrS9vR6rUi0G_O4
  12. Thanks, I can't try at the moment. When I do try I will let you know if it worked.
  13. I'm trying to replace the audio files of the english version for pc, with those of the italian version for ps2. The problem is that on pc the file extension is .sdx, on ps2 the extension is .sps. Renaming the files doesn't work. https://drive.google.com/file/d/10iw-g2dlWB9r63LwsrG2w-8XzpIY6SQ3/view?usp=sharing Update: Aluigi, the creator of quickbms has me to recognize the format of the files and has created for me a script for the extraction This is what he wrote: every downloaded file has some kind of header" of 2048 bytes, I'm not sure what those few bytes in that section should represent because it's not a structure. The data after those 2048 bytes is the raw audio data itself which is PS adpcm for ps2 version and Xbox ADPCM (or IMA ADPCM which is almost identical afaik) for PC. I tested a sample and it was mono. He advised me to try ffmpeg, but after several attempts we couldn't get it to work properly. This is the last thing he wrote: I give up on ffmpeg.While searching a solution I found an old topic of mine here on zenhax where I used a past version of ffmpeg for brute forcing the codec of a raw audio, unfortunately after an update they ruined the support of raw input audio:viewtopic.php?p=6519#p6519I even tried building a RIFF WAV header on the raw input but ffmpeg continue to complain: "Invalid data found when processing input".ffmpeg is just a huge waste of time.By the way my tentative with the raw data was: Codice: ffmpeg -acodec adpcm_psx -ar 32000 -ac 1 -vn -f data -i 32000\9a51aea0 test.wav And it spitted out the error "Option sample_rate not found" but if I remove -ar it says "Output file #0 does not contain any stream".I hope someone can show us the magic command-line for reading a raw input adpcm audio... You can find the full conversation and script for quickbms here: https://zenhax.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=16194
  14. It works, but I haven't figured out how to edit the text in the image and how to save in the same format.
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