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  1. UnityEX

    @DragonZH what am I supposed to do?? I just wanted Unity EX Ultimate...
  2. UnityEX

    @DragonZH i just wanted unity ex ultimate to modify assets of a game made with unity 2020. do i need to send more money?
  3. UnityEX

    did i send enough for unity ex ultimate? i also put some instructions as you probably saw in the note. probably doesn’t help that i cant even speak russian at all lmao Достаточно ли я отправил для Unity ex Ultimate? Я также поместил несколько инструкций, как вы, наверное, видели в примечании. наверное, не помогает то, что я вообще не могу говорить по русски lmao
  4. UnityEX

    i just checked, and the exchange rate from russian ruble to NZD and it’s incredibly cheap. do you mean $40 NZD? or $40 russian ruble? @DragonZH Я только что проверил курс обмена российского рубля на новозеландский доллар, и это невероятно дешево. вы имеете в виду 40 новозеландских долларов? или 40 долларов российский рубль? @DragonZH
  5. UnityEX

    look as you can tell I can’t speak russian. I really do still want this, @DragonZH. I’ll just transfer the money to you now. im confused as hell, i havent sent any money to dragonZH yet, did you say you were going to send it to me? or am i mishearing? Я запутался, черт возьми, я еще не отправил деньги на DragonZH, ты сказал, что собирался отправить их мне? или я не слышу?
  6. UnityEX

    (i will just translate to russian) Вы отправите ключ после того, как я пришлю деньги?
  7. UnityEX

    hi i am new to this site, someone in my discord server showed me about this i want to get the ultimate version of Unity EX. Will it allow me to modify game textures and sounds of games made with Unity 2020? @DragonZHI am about to send money for the ultimate version please reply with instructions when you see this post
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