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  1. UnityEX

    Hi again! @echo off color a for %%a in (resources.assets;sharedassets1.assets;sharedassets2.assets;sharedassets3.assets) do UnityEX.exe export "%%a" -t tex,0*.txt,1*.txt,2*.txt,3*.txt,4*.txt,5*.txt,6*.txt,7*.txt,8*.txt,9*.txt,aa_help*.txt,aa_name*.txt,card.mes*.txt,com_help*.txt,com_name*.txt,imp_help*.txt,imp_name*.txt,imp_skin*.txt,itm_btl*.txt,itm_help*.txt,itm_name*.txt,libra*.txt,loc_name*.txt,minigame*.txt,minista*.txt,sa_help*.txt,sa_name*.txt,worldloc*.txt,cmdtitle*.txt,ff9choco*.txt,follow*.txt,warning*.txt pause Can I filter and extract by names using the -t switch in bat script? When I ran that bat file, files that did not meet the conditions were also extracted. like ef242.txt, ef243.txt, GEO_MON_B3_196_2.tim.txt...etc.
  2. UnityEX

    @DragonZH Wow, how did you know? It's oddworld:soulstorm. right! ** ah, gamename in hex
  3. UnityEX

    @DragonZH First of all, thank you. I've never modified it. And when I play the game, it runs well. so It's impossible to even infer what the problem is. I'll have to get the old version. Thank you!
  4. UnityEX

    here are some errors. EAccessViolation: https://pasteboard.co/u5L7AUMIpnFu.png EOutOfMemory: https://pasteboard.co/k2TOlmqQP7Vy.png ERangeError: https://pasteboard.co/txTFEl0X6dJL.png Sample Files: https://a.tmp.ninja/ehPMgQBJ.zip In particular, I wanna open the level183 file in the ERangeError folder. can you fix them? thanks
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