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  1. UnityEX

    @DragonZH Спасибо.
  2. UnityEX

    I want to change font in a game that uses .ttf or .otf. Can I simply change the name to the same as the existing font and import it? or should I change the font information(facename)? And it seems that extracting files with Japanese filenames is not supported. Is that bug or something conflict with my system? https://ibb.co/B3mXCxy resources.assets, #145: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/IkOric7p7hcIpA Thanks.
  3. UnityEX

    @DragonZH Oh, I think you mean the bundle file inside the “StandaloneWindows64” folder. right? I found out how to extract the tmp_fontasset file. (monobahaviour button → extract) Should I create a new Unity project for my new font, extract the tmp_fontasset and tex files there, and replace the files with the same file name as the target game files? your vid link is deleted because the video was too long. thanks for reply.
  4. UnityEX

    Oh, the reason I'm asking this question is because the language setting part of the menu is damaged. I guess it's because there are problems with the structure / texture. It doesn't seem to be a problem with the font not supporting Chinese characters. because “language selection” part works well in the main menu, but does not appear when I select it. ->https://ibb.co/VppPHB7 I am trying a lot to make a more complete localization in terms of quality, But I don't understand your patcher properly, so I can't get it working at all. that I want to ask you about that TMP_Fontasset file. Thanks.
  5. UnityEX

    I have a question about the "Font Metric" part of version 2019.4.0f1 in the text. When I opened the file you sent me before, I think you inserted the SDF Tex file and changed the Font Metric file (TMP_FontAsset), how do I create/extract the TMP_FontAsset file? This is an innovative way not seen in other communities! Usually when I modify font files, build a new unity game for new font, extract original metric file and new metric file(monobehaviour), change sdf font texture and replace metric file using hex editor. but it's amazing method never I seen before.
  6. Я использовал BepInEx. BepInEx_UnityIL2CPP_x64_f6acf56_6.0.0-be.346.zip (LINK) XUnity.AutoTranslator-BepInEx-IL2CPP-4.13.0.zip (For BepInEx Unity IL2CPP for Windows x64/x86 machines) (LINK) С его помощью вы получаете нормальную hooking. Однако создатели BepIn for IL2CPP заявили, что они пока не поддерживают замену шрифтов. Теперь мне ничего не остается, как избавиться от безопасности файлов или ждать обновления BepIn for IL2CPP.
  7. @Memoric @DragonZH StreamingAssets>aa>Windows>catalog.json В ней есть "m_Keys", Вероятно, предполагается, что это <guid>. Но я больше не мог этого понять. Я думаю, что существует что-то связанное с четырьмя встроенными функциями. AssetBundleManifest AssetBundle.LoadFromFileAsync UseAssetBundleCrc UseAssetBundleCache Я проверил соответствующий текст в исполняемом файле, но не знаю, как это исправить. (binary file, il2cpp Dumper)
  8. Вы можете сделать это без устройства VR.
  9. UnityEX

    @DragonZH nvm...my fault. If the folder path contains special characters such as &, that error appears. Thanks!
  10. UnityEX

    After updating to, this error message appears. any solution? **After selecting all the files, I see a message box like that when I export.
  11. UnityEX

    Please check your e-mail please I wanna buy UniteTx Ultimate!
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