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  1. UnityEX

    It is installed and the same problem remains!
  2. UnityEX

    ТoolsKit_MonoBehaviour shows in task manager, but it is invisible!
  3. UnityEX

    Hi! what's the name of the game?
  4. UnityEX

    When I create the SDF fonts I only create the image and the SDF file I never needed to edit the SDF material!
  5. UnityEX

    I've been waiting for this update for a long time!
  6. UnityEX

    Everything working! after update
  7. UnityEX

    Export_FontAndTextures any bat script it happens! This happens when you open the program! I have an open browser! In the version UnityEX_Ultimate1.9.8.3 that doesn't happen!
  8. UnityEX

    after I updated the tool to UnityEX_Ultimate1.9.8.4 version! keeps opening browser every time you run a function in bat or when you open it!
  9. Hi, are you editing the wrong game or you don't have the letters in the game font!
  10. UnityEX

    Hello, I would like to know if it has support in unity files on the switch? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hOdoJHEEuDbgVanKDO0NqN9ofVBbMt7i?usp=sharing
  11. UnityEX

    Hi, in the end I learn to do this much easier! Then I'll send a message to DragonZH, to insert the method I do and see if there's a way to insert it in his program! I don't need to edit in hex like in the video!
  12. UnityEX

    i recently learned how to edit these sources, but i need to know what the name of the game is and i need the original files in the original steam version! to test!
  13. Hello everyone! I'm translating the game "shantae curse pirate" "WayForward Game" for brazilian portuguese! I need the tool to extract and edit the files: .anime .FONT (TNOF header) .image link files https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OB8fgxSZNlK564LENOxEmuEqAC-YiW_t/view?usp=sharing I pay for the tool! Payment method by paypal! Thanks!
  14. UnityEX

    obrigado, mas ainda tem um problema! Eu exportei a imagem! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/565560965307957248/840002287581134848/unknown.png
  15. UnityEX

    Hello, I did a test on this game “ Hobo: Tough Life “and it gave error when extracting images! version Unity 2020.3.4fl
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