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  1. UnityEX

    Does anyone have any way to compress this folder into a .bundle extension?
  2. UnityEX

    @RedCode I think the problem lies in uabea as it is true that it is possible to export file CAB-5f2548b4980caa6f364369b42c6f7122 but when compressing it an error occurs, I just downloaded the crack version but it still crashes, the game is so annoying
  3. UnityEX

    @RedCode thank you again but this time when i changed the modified catalog.json file the game crashed i was using uabea and unitytext to edit, your file localization-string-tables-english(en)_assets_all.bundle when is added then the game starts normally what is happening
  4. UnityEX

    @RedCode thank you very much but can you guide me how to use Unity_fixerhash_catalog_json and how to get file CAB-5f2548b4980caa6f364369b42c6f7122
  5. UnityEX

    Can you give detailed instructions? I'm new to unity so I don't know how to handle it yet
  6. UnityEX

    I have edit all the files with game text but it still returns to the default English
  7. UnityEX

    It's true that the localization file is in this path and when I delete the catalog file, the game still works normally but the language is still English, not the edited language, so is the catalog file the problem?
  8. UnityEX

    Where can i find these
  9. UnityEX

    @@Gonzales-Irod version file is 2022.3.16.49695
  10. UnityEX

    Hi everyone, I'm having a problem when translating the game and not accepting edits and errors like this. I researched it could be due to the hash but I don't know how to disable it. Please help me. Game:new cycle
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